Material Processing

Metal Fabricators and Welding began as a materials processing shop and it still accounts for a large portion of our work. In this industry, your capacity and capability is determined by the people you employ and the equipment at your disposal.

We’ve continued to add the best of both, and when paired with ever improving process controls, we’ve become a lean shop with top quality and efficiency.


Cones, brake shapes, light structural, sheet & plate

Sheet and plate



 Abrasive Cutting
Waterjet, Bandsaw


 Thermal Cutting
Plasma, Oxy-Acetylene,

Sheet and plate, light structural 

One Stop Shop

Since we’ve invested in having all the necessary equipment in house, we have virtually no need to outsource production. We create the necessary blueprints, design a production process, implement a custom QC program, process the material, and fabricate and finish your product all internally. This makes us the preferred choice for organizations with very strict deadlines, high quality control requirements, and challenging designs.


We’ve been steadily expanding our tools and machinery to increase our service capacity and the range of services we can provide. With WaterJet tables and plasma cutting, numerous welding processes and robotics at our disposal, we’re more flexible to custom projects and have a higher capacity for larger scale projects. Many of our projects rely on automation, producing very accurate products in the most cost efficient manner.

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